Book 1
New Wu Style Taijiquan (Chinese)
~ For self cultivation, defense, and strengthen body
Morningstar Publishing, Inc., Taiwan 2004

This “New Wu Style Taijiquan” is Great Grandmaster’s first published work. With non-stop research through these years to find the essential meaning of Taijiquan, Great Grandmaster Ho has uncovered most of the Taijiquan philosophy. He discovered that Qigong forms the basis of Taijiquan so refined the original Wu Style Taijiquan by the incorporating the understanding of Qigong and body structure. Thus, he returns the original elements to Taijiquan.

The basic design of the content can be divided into two parts: Inner body cultivated with Wuji Qigong as a base; outside motion with New Wu Style Taijiquan 34 form (renamed “Wuji Qigong Taijiquan 34 form” in late 2004 after this book published) as an exercise.

Great Grandmaster Ho composed a thirteen-movement-Qigong Fundamental Exercise (renamed “Jiu Chu Yi Jin Gong” in 2006) as the preparation to Wuji Qigong. Along with this exercise to stretch out our body ligaments and joints, one could get a better result when practicing Wuji Qigong.

At the end of this book, a chapter of Sitting and Relaxing Meditation provides a person to conclude a total exercise and meditation. Wuji Qigong is a standing meditation, together with Taijiquan form sequence become a whole part of “moving meditation”. Opposite to the moving meditation, the sitting meditation is quiet one without movement to cultivate one’s mind. Great Grandmaster Ho’s theory is to combine both “moving meditation” and “sitting meditation” together to work with a well balanced body and mind.

Book 2
Wuji Qigong Massage (Chinese)
Morning Star Publishing, Inc., Taiwan, 2006

The purpose of this book is to introduce readers Wuji Qigong Massage, an effective way to maintain the body condition by oneself. Wuji Qigong Massage include Jiu Chu Yi Jin Gong exercises and Wuji Qigong. Great Grandmaster Ho indicates that a positive idea to maintain one’s body condition is to keep our “Qi” traveling inside our channels smoothly. This idea was taken from an ancient Chinese medicine book, “Huang Di Nei Jing”. It says,” When all the six channels work smoothly, one can not get sick, and if one got sick under this condition, one would recover naturally.” Just like sweeping to clean up the street, massage is a way to smooth out the routes of body channels.

u  With Jiu Chu Yi Jin Gong to stretch out our body and Wuji Qigong to cultivate “qi’, we can maximize our biological energy level and with our own hands to massage ourselves from head to toe. It is convenient! It is the best way to boost up one’s energy level and maintain one’s condition. It is also beneficial to our beauty and immune system, moreover, to prevent form aging and prolong life.

Wuji Qigong Taijiquan 34 Form
By Grandmaster Ho Nan Jie

Produced by Grandmaster Ho Nan Jie (Anthony)
Great Grandmaster Anthony Nan Jie Ho ©2007


Wuji Qigong Taijiquan 34 Form

Published by Grandmaster Ho Nan Jie, 2007