Grandmaster Anthony Nan Jie Ho

Grandmaster Ho was born in Shanghai, China in 1937.He began his study of Kung-fu as a teenager. In his journey to become a master he studied many different martial art styles. Eventually, he focused on studying Tai Chi. Master Ho was determined to seek out the true meaning of Tai Chi.
Master Ho met the (elder) Master Pei Zu Yin in 1965 through a mutual friend. Master Pei was a student of Master Wu Jian Quan. (Pei helped build Master Wu’s Shanghai Studio.) Master Pei and Master Ho became very close friends.  With great respect, Ho called Master Pei “teacher”. Pei referred to Master Ho as “Kung-fu friend”. They exchanged their knowledge of Kung-fu and researched Tai Chi together, from that first meeting until 1979.
In 1979 Master Ho immigrated to United States.He has been continuously doing his own Taijiquan research and proving that “React the natural way” (Yíng Wú Zì Rán) is the ultimate Tai Chi Theory.