Student Feedback


Jacquie Liu

 Real estate business woman

     “It’s my privilege that over the past 21 years, Master Ho, as my Instructor, has shared his vast knowledge of Taiji Chuan skills with me. As I study, I discover subtle ways those lessons translate into my personal and business life: in the way I adapt to people and in the way I meet life’s challenges”.
Words that Change My Life      –          By Jacquie Liu, 2003“Look like we will have to cut through the roof of your mouth and see if we can clean out the infection.” Those were the words spoken by a specialist whose can I was under because of continuous infections and monthly doses of antibiotics.For several years I had been under the care of a doctor or doctors for treatment of stress and one infection after another. No one really seemed to know what was wrong just a different month and a different medication. But nothing was helping and the problem was getting worse.

Shortly after the doctor had made his toe curling statement I had conversation with a coordinator in the office of one of my key clients. In the course of the conversation she indicated that she knew someone that could help me get well. Who could work a miracle like that I wondered, no one else had been able to help. At this point I was willing to try anything so I obtained a name and phone number.

I placed a call to a gentleman named Tony Ho and before we ended our conversation we have set an appointment to meet and see what, if anything, he could do to help me.

On a Saturday morning he arrived at my door with his table and proceeds to cause me intense pain that left me with a feeling of relaxation that I had not experienced for a very long time. He also left me with a very sore back that showed no signs of bruising but I could not apple any pressure to my back without intense discomfort. Sitting back in a chair was out of the question, rolling over on my back while I slept was not an option. What had this man done to me? What had I willing taken part in?

With each passing week and treatment I began to feel better and better. The discomfort soon became less and less and along with the exercises Mr. Ho gave me I had my first month without any medication and no doctor’s visit. I soon began to realize that the treatments I was receiving were acupressure and after that then Mr. Ho had me doing standing meditation. Arms floating in air and other exercises that made me feel taller and stronger than I had since I was a teenager. I liked what was happening.

On one Saturday morning a group of women and myself met with Mr. Ho for Ch’i Kung classes and during a break he asked each one of us if we would like to study Tai Chi. That was fifteen years ago. I started my studies with Master Ho and though the years have begun to know my body, learn a form, push hands with others. I no longer take antibiotics nor do I spend my time running to the doctor each month. There never was a surgery done and when I don’t feel 100% I now have methods that I can use to help prevent if form getting any worse and in the event I can’t heal myself Master Ho is there to assist.

One never knows what simple words will affect the rest of their lives but I do know that there have been three occasions where I listened and acted on those words and have become a healthier and a better person for knowing Master Ho.

Roger Therriault

Roger has been training in martial arts for over 25 years. He has achieved instructor rank in Japanese, Chinese, and Brazilian arts. He has also been a bare knuckle full contact fighter, being in the original line up for the UFC 3. In all his time training he has never seen a combination of flowing technique, incredible power and absolute awareness as he has seen in Si Gung Ho. Roger has been training with Sifu Ho for just over 3 years now and feels they have been the most martially developmental years of his training ever.